June 16th, 2009

europe_07_031_2Adrianos Facchetti

Los Angeles Internet Defamation Lawyer


Author of California Defamation Law Blog

Today we’re tweeting with Los Angeles Internet defamation attorney / blogger / mnemonist / bankruptcy attorney @adrianos

  1. @adrianos thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is @adrianos?
    Los Angeles Internet Defamation Attorney, Adrianos Facchetti http://twurl.nl/cqugib
  2. Tell us about your law practice.
    70% litigating commercial disputes – key areas include real estate and Internet defamation. 30% bankruptcies.
  3. What type of clients do you represent?
    Mainly clients who have been defamed on & off the internet. Also represent individuals with fairly significant real estate holdings.
  4. What’s the single most important legal issue affecting those clients?
    Evolving nature of Internet law including courts’ interpretation of the CDA; dealing with negative customer reviews w/o filing suit.
  5. I hadn’t considered the reviews / defamation connections. What do you tell new clients before you start working for them?
    “I will always you tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.”
  6. They prob appreciate that when it counts… Tell us about one of the more significant client representations you’ve had.
    Represented entity in religious discrimination case against city of L.A. Took it all the way 2 the U.S. Supreme Court . Cert denied
  7. Why do your clients hire you?
    Enthusiasm, dedication, expertise, and youth. They want someone who gets the Internet, unlike my 40year old + competitors ;-)
  8. You write a lot about defamation in the context of blogging. Is this something every blogger should be thinking about?
    Yes! Every blogger as a publisher is open to defamation, some more than others. Avoidance is the key: http://twurl.nl/8q1wn2
  9. I am told that you ran with the bulls in Pamplona. Is that true? What was it like?
    Yes.I ran with the bulls on 7/7/07 which was a dream of mine since I was 12-IT WAS SCARY! But I did it despite almost being clipped
  10. Wow! What lessons did you learn from that experience that you are able apply to your law practice?
    No lawyer or judge is as scary as a 600 pound bull running after you. Think it also psyched out opponents when I told them about it
  11. Makes sense to me…. Your bio says that you are a mnemonist. What exactly does that mean? How does it work?
    A person with the ability to remember and recall unusually long lists of data, such as unfamiliar names, lists of numbers, etc….
    …for example, I can memorize a deck of cards in about 5 mins. or 100 digits in about the same. Sounds dorky but is totally fun!
  12. Dorky? Maybe. Impressive? Absolutely. How do you market your practice?
    I don’t market my practice like most lawyers. Blog. Twitter. LinkedIN. JDSupra. Repeat. Word of Mouth, too.
  13. Welcome to Web 2.0 law mktg…. Who is your CA Defamation Law Blog for (http://bit.ly/hk1bz)? Why should they read it?
    For those who’ve been defamed on the Internet & elsewhere.It has more info on CA Def law than any other resource on the web, period
  14. I’m sold. Why did you decide to join Twitter? Has it been a worthwhile use of your time?
    Yes!Twitter has helped me expand my reach & create real relationships w/super interesting/influential ppl ,e..g. @grantgriffiths
  15. Can you cite specific referrals and/or client engagements that your Web 2.0 activities have provided?
    I can’t cite names/businesses, but I can tell you that Web 2.0 activities have resulted in 5 new paying clients for me this year.
  16. Those are impressive results! How much time do you spend each day developing / enhancing your brand?
    1-2 hours per day, at least. An hour in the morning and an hour or two at night.
  17. Let’s switch gears: what is the most significant issue currently facing the legal profession?
    Obsolescence due to accessibility to “legal type” services and technology that expands options.
  18. What will the legal landscape look like in 10 years?
    Have no idea what it’ll look like in 10 years.Think we’ll continue 2 see hyperspecialization & more folks working frm home, though.
  19. That certainly appears to be the trend. How do you want to be remembered?
    I want to be remembered as a trusted advisor and good friend
  20. What would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?
    If I wasn’t a lawyer I’d raise Alpacas (http://twurl.nl/lgsaqc) & enter the occasional Memory Championship, a la bobby fischer ;-)
  21. Don’t know about alpacas, but Memory Championships could be exciting…. What do you do when you’re not working?
    hang out with the g/f, friends, family, read A LOT, play the guitar and memorize stuff :-)
  22. LOL. Out last question for you: what advice do you have for people going to law school today?
    RUN while you still can. But if you insist in becoming a lawyer, at least do it your own way; be interesting! (u can DM me 4 advice 2)

That’s great advice to close a great twitterview. Thank you very much for answering our questions today

Thanks, Lance. I really enjoyed answering your questions.

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