December 29th, 2009

8v31y4i1Tony Colleluori

Crisis Trial Lawyer

The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates, PLLC

Author of that lawyer dude and Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law blogs

Today we’re tweeting w/crisis trial lawyer @ThatLawyerDude, who helps people put their lives back together after others abandon them

  1. @ThatLawyerDude, thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is @ThatLawyerDude?
    I’m Tony Colleluori & I am a father of two, married 24 years & enjoy practicing law.
  2. Tell us about your law practice.
    I take the cases other lawyers throw their hands up at. We want the cases no one else can handle. The“Bet the Farm”work.
  3. Wow. I’m sure you have a lot of stories…. What type of clients do you represent?
    I work w/ anyone who has been touched by a criminal charge or act. from Class Actions 2 White Collar Crime 2 Murder etc.
  4. and what’s the single most important legal issue affecting those clients?
    Finding Quality representation at a price they can afford, & getting fair treatment in Court during the Internet Age
  5. Tell us about one of the more significant client representations you’ve had.
    I took on an innocent kid whose 1st attorney wanted him 2 plead guilty & serve 8 years. We investigated & won his case.
    I also just won one of the biggest verdicts in Prison Civil Rights cases 4 a paraplegic who was mistreated in jail
    We proved that the Jail was “deliberately indifferent to his needs & left him to rot. No help, no proper medical care
  6. I’d read about the last case. Both are fantastic results. Must be terribly satisfying. Why do your clients hire you?
    B/c I care about them. Not as a case, but as humans, w/ hopes & dreams. I don’t judge them. I know I represent good people.
    Most of my clients have experienced first hand the wrath of the law. It’s been used to defeat them. I even the field 4 them
  7. That’s great. What do you tell every new client before you start working for them?
    I care about them & their family, I’ll B there 4 them 24/7/365, & that I’ll do everything I can legally do to help them
    I also tell them not to worry anymore Until I do, and I never worry EVER ;)
    We look after the small things, ie new DWI client, needs a ride to get to court or office? We have a driver on staff
    a kid needs a 12 step program but is afraid to go alone? I go with them.
  8. You devote a lot of your time to pro bono work. How do you decide what work to take on?
    I take pro & lo bono from NYS & EDNY Assigned Counsel panels, The EDNY pro bono panel & selected work from clergy.
    If it interest me & I think it will change the life of the client or the state of the world, I’m usually in.
    I’m a sucker when it comes to Roman Catholic Nuns and Judges. If they ask I usually say yes
  9. Tell us about the Outstanding Service Award from the Nat’l Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Why were you selected?
    I co-authored an amicus brief w/ John Marshall, that caused the USDOJ to change the way it prosecuted Marijuana cases.
  10. What led you to become a criminal defense lawyer? Have you always had the same passion for it (yes, it shows!)?
    Thank you. I’ve always had a strong libertarian streak. As a historian, I understand Government seeks to expand power…
    I wanted to take on the task to protect our Bill of Rights from Government’s power grab. As a kid I was fascinated by …
    Perry Mason, & real cases: The Rosenberg case, the Crimmins case, & by F. Lee Bailey’s book the Defense Never Rests
  11. Your clients are very lucky that you followed that passion…. How do you market your practice?
    I write, teach, I network w/ others. I stay active in bar assoc. & in my community, I use Avvo.com & other Internet tools.
  12. You have 3 blogs (http://bit.ly/cztgp http://bit.ly/TcIl6 & http://bit.ly/tHjG6) How are they different? Why three?
    That Lawyer Dude is my main blog, it’s about the way law & life intersect. Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law, …
    is a Trial Tech. teaching blog. It portrays my wider view of “Criminal Law” discipline. It defines a crisis lawyer’s job
    The Positive Review is going 2B a restaurant review & only features places I like. If I don’t like it, I don’t eat there.
  13. Why did you decide to become active on Twitter? Has it been a worthwhile endeavor?
    I took a while 2 “get it” but once I did, I saw an opportunity 2 interact w/ my “crowd” & learn from others. Twitter rocks!
    I find Twitter helps me get my message out and exposes me to other’s messages. I think it is better than an RSS feed.
  14. Besides Twitter and your blogs, do you use other Web 2.0 tools? Which ones?
    I have a website through “Getlegal.com” and I love Avvo.com. I think Facebook, Linkedin & Solosez are important too.
  15. What specific impact on referrals and/or client engagements — if any — have your Web 2.0 activities provided?
    I get about 50% of my new work from Web 2.0 activities. It is a great way for people to learn about me. …
    A web referred client is as likely to retain me as a lawyer referred client & usually is more savvy about my work & my fees…
    they come ready to retain. I waste a lot less time and get a much better return on the time I spend meeting w/them.
    I take it seriously. The web has been good to me It helped me to reach people I didn’t have the resources to reach
  16. How much time do you spend each day developing / enhancing your brand?
    every waking minute I am enhancing my brand: at the gym, at Mass, playing poker. I love what I do, it’s part of my fabric.
  17. Indeed. Let’s switch gears now. What is the most significant issue currently facing the legal profession?
    Keeping bright people in the profession & finding ways 2 stop them from burning out. We need 2 focus them on bar activities
    We need Courts 2 be run by judges & not admins who put form B/4 substance, we need 2 worry @ quality of life. life’s2 short
  18. What will the legal landscape look like in 10 years?
    We’ll B using the web as a mainstay of our life, but successful lawyers will be those that best mesh hi tech w/ hi touch
  19. What would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?
    I have no idea! I’m a pretty good singer, I’d have followed that. Law is more fun. There is always Tournament Poker :)
    I’ve only ever wanted to be a lawyer. I used to go to court and watch cases being tried when I was 10 yrs old
    My poor mom must of thought she was raising a sociopath LOL!
  20. Wow. I think I just watched the Flinstones at 10…. How do you want to be remembered?
    As a loving Husband, a good Father, a worthy opponent & a strong advocate for Civil Rights, Liberty and Personal Freedom.
  21. What do you do when you’re not working?
    I raise awareness & $$$ 4 Scleroderma Foundation, Play poker & hang out w/ my best girl & best friend for 25 years.
    I love going to new Restaurants and old favorites. I like to sing and I love being w/ my two sons. They’re interesting men
  22. And our last question for you: what advice do you have for people going to law school today?
    First thank you for having me Lance.
    Go ‘cause U R called 2 the law. Don’t go 2 get rich, or 2 help others, Go ‘cause it’s vital 2 U! If U do, the rest will come

That’s great advice, and this was a fantastic twitterview. Thanks very much for doing it, and keep up the great work

Thanks again. You too and happy New Year to all. I hope it is healthy and prosperous.

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