August 20th, 2009

jean_tien-001136_ret_emailChen F. Tien

Immigration and Real Estate Attorney

The Law Office of Chen F. Tien

Today we’re tweeting w/NYC immigration lawyer @JeanTien, who strives to develop lasting partnerships with her clients

  1. @JeanTien, thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is @JeanTien?
    Thx 4 hvg me. I am a fun-loving Wife, Daughter, and idealistic Lawyer w/high hopes of making a difference in the world.
  2. Tell us about your law practice.
    I hv a NYC-based practice that focuses on immigration law. I also do real estate transaxns & help businesses w/their legal needs.
  3. What type of clients do you represent?
    Both individuals & businesses. I have clients nationwide and outside of the US too. It’s great!
  4. What is the single most important legal issue affecting those clients?
    Eligibility 2 become perm. res & US Citizens. W/o proper identification…
    immigrants can’t get jobs, health care, or any other benefits that we enjoy…
    and it’s impt that they hv access to the same benefits.
  5. What do you tell every new client before you start working for them?
    That I’m their biggest advocate & they can trust me with their case.
  6. I’m sure they appreciate hearing that. Tell us about one of the more significant client representations you’ve had.
    I worked on an asylum case, where I tried 2 protect the wife from being deported back 2 China where she wld be prosecuted…
    4 violating the 1-Child policy & separated from her Husband & baby daughter here in the US. It’s significant bc families shld…
    be allowed to stay together in an environment where they can live w/o fear.
  7. Wow. That’s powerful stuff. Hope it turned out well. Why do your clients hire you?
    They trust me & kno I am here 2 protect their best interest. I help them thru the immigration process …
    which is a very personal experience & can take a major toll on their emotions/lives.
  8. What’s the most active area of your immigration practice at the current time? Is that typical?
    Currently, it’s family-based petitions, which I heart bc I’m helping families stay 2gether. Yes, it’s typical 4 my practice.
  9. You started your career at Goldman Sachs. What led you to leave that culture and set up an immigration law firm?
    I felt unfulfilled @ GS & wanted 2 do sthg more rewarding. Luckily, I was downsized & took the opp. 2 follow my dream…
    of becoming an entrepreneur & helping others thru my immigration practice. See, I told u I was idealistic! LOL.
  10. What’s the status of immigration law reform? Is it still perceived to be a priority for the President / American people?
    Unfortunately, it’s currently on hold. Obama’s admin has communicated 2 the public that it’s a priority…
    but so far, it feels like a big “tease”. More needs 2 be done, esp. w/current economics…
    Some still think it’ll happen this yr but I doubt it.
  11. How do you market your practice?
    Networking & Web 2.0 activities. I’m also planning on hosting a seminar soon, so stay tuned for that!
  12. You recently started a Facebook fan page for your firm (http://bit.ly/tj3GO). Would you recommend others do the same? Why?
    Good ques. My fan pg is pretty new (about 2 wks) so it’s hard 2 say if I wld rec others 2 create 1…
    So far, it has been helpful w/informing ppl I kno of my practice.
  13. Sounds like recommendation to me… What are the strategic objectives driving your Web 2.0 activity? Are you meeting them?
    My obj. this yr is 2 create permanent relationships & brand recognition. Oh & 2 generate revenue! LOL. So far, so good.
  14. Luck w/both! What specific impact on referrals and/or client engagements have you realized from Web 2.0 activities so far?
    Thanks! So far, I’ve landed an engagement & a number of serious inquiries from these activities, esp. from Avvo.
  15. Congrats – you’re moving in the right direction. How much time do you spend each day developing / enhancing your brand?
    Omgosh. A significant pt of my day. I am my brand, so I am developing/enhancing it by meeting w/other attys…
    attending CLEs, volunteering, & marketing. activities
  16. Let’s switch gears: what is the most significant issue currently facing the legal profession?
    Re: immigration, our policies need chg. Fear cannot dictate policies & excuse the mistreatment of illegal immigrants in this ctry.
  17. What will the legal landscape look like in 10 years?
    I think lawyers will catch up & adopt (maybe embrace?) technological advancements, resulting in a few less trips to court.
  18. What would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?
    Hmm…philanthropist & bakery owner. I wld LOVE 2 open my own cupcake shop & animal rescue shelter. What a mix, right? :D
  19. That makes THREE 22 Tweets interviewees who’d like to be bakers… Hmmm. How do you want to be remembered?
    LOL. I guess we all hv a creative side yearning to escape. :) …
    I’d like 2 B remembered for my sincerity and passion, especially to help those who can’t help themselves.
  20. What do you do when you’re not working?
    I am currently immersed in house renovations. Other than that, I spend time w/family & friends & watch lots of reality tv!
    O & go see @britneyspears in concert! :D
  21. There’s gotta be a story there! What advice can you give lawyers currently under- / unemployed due to the economic crisis?
    Take this opportunity to explore other careers & interests. Don’t be afraid of change. Also, make sure to network!
  22. And our last question of this twitterview: What advice do you have for people going to law school today?
    1. Ur GPA doesn’t define u; 2. BIGLAW is not 4 everyone & that’s ok; 3.trust ur instincts – don’t B afraid 2 set ur own path

That’s valuable advice. Thank you so much for answering our questions and making this a great twitterview!

This was fun! Thank u so much for the opportunity to share my story & thanks to everyone who listened! :D

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